Paramount was nice enough to send over an advanced look set of Star Trek movie collector’s cards coming from Rittenhouse in May. The set includes a bunch of new images, not seen in any trailer or previous image release. Check out the new stuff below, along with official captions. Also Paramount just released a higher resolution version of the USA Poster. [SPOILERS BELOW]

New Star Trek images from Rittenhouse card set
Note that the captions below each card are word-for-word what is on the back of the Rittenhouse card. In some cases TrekMovie has added some additional info [in brackets]. The set sent to TrekMovie also included some previously seen images, but those are not displayed below.

Click images to enlarge

A ship known by some as “The Jellyfish”
[ship in which Spock travels back in time]

Nero, once a heroic Romulan, now seeks vengence

Sulu, one of the best helmsmen in Starfleet

Uhura must choose sides on a divided ship

McCoy, uncomfortable on any ship, even a simulator
[note Kirk in background, during Kobayashi Maru simulation – set is a redress of USS Kelvin bridge]

San Francisco Bay, home of Starfleet Academy
[appears to be back of McCoy in foreground]

A young prodigy named Chekov

Try to guess James T. Kirk’s favorite color

Pike, the original Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise

Young Spock pilots a stolen ship

An alien walks into a bar…
[Scotty’s alien helper ‘Keenser’ on Delta Vega]

Spock advises his younger self against pure logic

Jim Kirk meets his accuser, Mr. Spock
[card previewed before, but caption is new]

USA Poster bigger
Last Friday the US Star Trek poster was previewed on MySpace. Today Paramount made it available to the press in higher resolution, check it out.

USA Poster (Click to enlarge)

<!– –>


1. WhatInBlueBlazes?! – March 30, 2009
I don’t know about Kirk, but I definitely know about my favorite color right now…

2. toasteroven – March 30, 2009
Looks like the Spock meets Spock is at the Academy… interesting…

3. Tox Uthat – March 30, 2009
f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-…..I can’t say it.

Can’t wait. Sounds like fun.

4. Dick Jones – March 30, 2009

5. SaphronGirl – March 30, 2009
You know what I like about that Orion girl? She’s not a stick.

6. John Ozdundar – March 30, 2009
mmm…. Green

7. NCC-73515 – March 30, 2009
Transamerica Pyramid is still standing (like the coast trees and the Palace of Fine Art). Good to know!
The alien’s name is Keenser, if memory is correct 😉

8. John from Cincinnati – March 30, 2009
I thought Robert April, not Pike, was the original Captain of NCC-1701?

I hope the movie explains this fallacy.

9. Electron – March 30, 2009
Nothing like an Orion slave girl with a little meat on her bones.

10. Chrono – March 30, 2009
@8: I think info like that from TAS is seen as apocryphal as Gene Roddenberry himself did not want Paramount to regard the animated series as canon.

11. John Gill – March 30, 2009
The communications device in Uhura’s ear is the shiznet!!!!!!!!!

12. SaphronGirl – March 30, 2009
Also, Kirk seems to be wearing a lot of eyeliner… does that mean he’s evil?


13. Chrono – March 30, 2009
@12 I think it means he is emo ^.^

14. Gorn Captain – March 30, 2009
#10: The “Yesteryear” episode of TAS was generally accepted as canon if not the whole series.

I wonder if old Spock will pass himself off as as Cousin Selek again? Would be a nice nod to TAS if he did! 🙂

And does that Orion look a bit like Drew Barrymore to anyone? 😉

15. Elise – March 30, 2009
12 Great. Now that’s all I can see. 😉

16. The Last Maquis – March 30, 2009
That Orion chick is a BABE!!

11. John Gill

it’s connected to shiznet (short for 😉

17. OneBuckFilms – March 30, 2009
Starfleet Academy in that shot looks vaguely like something from TOS.

Spock and Spock meeting: Fascinating !!!

And Spock on a STOLEN SHIP? Could it be the Jellyfish?

18. The Original Spock’s Brain – March 30, 2009
8. John from Cincinnati – March 30, 2009
“I thought Robert April, not Pike, was the original Captain of NCC-1701? I hope the movie explains this fallacy.”

They DO NOT need to explain it, exactly because it’s a fallacy; that is you are mistaken and it’s not canon.

19. strangelove – March 30, 2009
i think thats sarke and not spock?

20. Wolfspawn – March 30, 2009
I don’t think that Old Spock…I think maybe it’s Sarek seeing his son off to the Academy…Note what looks to be some form of academy uniform….

21. Charles Trotter – March 30, 2009
Bloody awesome! I’m thinking of ordering these cards now. Ohh, if only I didn’t have limited finances. 😛

22. The Original Spock’s Brain – March 30, 2009
19. strangelove – March 30, 2009
“i think thats sarke and not spock?”

So the official card’s caption is wrong? The card company/Paramount screwed up?

23. MORN SPEAKS – March 30, 2009
Very Cool!

24. Oh No, Odo – March 30, 2009
The trading card images look wonderful…

… the poster does not.

25. DesiluTrek – March 30, 2009
The card images do a better job of selling me on the movie than a lot of the other images I’ve seen. And hi-res or no, that poster image is only recognizable as the Enterprise if you know that going in. It’s way too vague for a general audience.

26. spockatatic – March 30, 2009
Oh sweet, Spock meets himself!! We haven’t seen that since Yesteryear!

27. Newman – March 30, 2009
I have a new favourite colour.

28. Daoud – March 30, 2009
Robert T. April was the first captain of the NCC-1700 USS Constitution. It was only renamed Enterprise originally due to one George S. Kirk, its original first officer. But now in the revised timeline he dies on the NCC-0514 USS Kelvin, and thus cannot be onboard April’s ship to suggest it be renamed. (Read the novel that Orci mentioned before… Best Destiny, perhaps?)

It’s all simple quantum mechanics. :p

29. Olley Olley Olley – March 30, 2009
why has Chekov been given a perm??
I can understand a move away from the Beatles cut, but a PERM!??

30. sean – March 30, 2009

“I hope the movie explains this fallacy.”

Why should they? Paramount’s official position on TAS is that it isn’t canon (Rodenberry felt the same). April is not mentioned anywhere but in TAS, so he’s not canon. The movie doesn’t need to explain anything.

31. Check the Circuit – March 30, 2009
Young Spock’s Vulcan salute is completely wrong! Look at the angle of his pincky and ring fingers. It’s at least off by 6 1/2 degrees! And it’s obviously a very relaxed salute. Every real Star Trek fan knows the gesture is supposed to be rigid to reflect the nature of their culture. Quinto and Abrams clearly don’t get it. I’m sorry, I was sitting the fence before but now I know for sure…I’m boycotting this movie.


32. Z – March 30, 2009
wow! first!

33. Beck – March 30, 2009
The red cadet uniforms – especially the women’s – keep reminding me of Neon Genesis. God I’m such a geek.

34. McCoy – March 30, 2009
If you set aside the design of the bridge, the hallways, the water room, the communicator, the tricorder, the Enterprise, Quinto’s voice and the time travel aspect of this film, these images make the film look good.

35. David – March 30, 2009
as soon as i saw this image…

…i instantly thought it was those aliens that worf, picard, and data were trying to get away from in the argo in Nemesis. Is that the same alien or no?

36. The Original Spock’s Brain – March 30, 2009
31. Check the Circuit – March 30, 2009

Pretend trolling. Heh, heh!

37. Catie – March 30, 2009
The caption under Uhura’s picture peaks my curiosity. Choosing sides?

38. Pat Payne – March 30, 2009
@1 — I’ve always liked green… now I know I backed the right color 😉

As for the rest, I’m halfway regretting opening the article to get the spoiler of Spock and Spock meeting at the academy. But, it’s my own dumb luck. Great shots, and yet another reason that this next 37 days are going to be the slowest in my life.

“Star Trek, Star Trek time is near
Time for Spock and Kirk to get here
We’ve been nerds, but we can’t last
Hurry Star Trek, hurry fast!
Want a ship that that turns time in loops
(Me, I want a hula hoop!)
We can hardly stand the wait
Please Star Trek don’t be late!”

39. TheKirk – March 30, 2009
The Orion girl is Rachel Nichols.

40. Bren – March 30, 2009
Spoiler tags for the Spock Meets Spock moment would have been nice!

It’s kind of a big deal!

I’m not sure I wanted to see that yet!

41. Superboy – March 30, 2009
Uhm, the Transamerica building is TOTALY out of place in that picture. I work at the Trader Joe’s near there and geographicly Starfleet Acadamy would be somewhere in downtown near Chinatown or Union Square. It looks somewhat out of place – like they dropped it in there just to reference San Francisco. Plus there are no hills – McCoy would be looking down – not forward. I guess there is a major earthquake in the future that clears downtown on a 1906 scaleand they build starfleet over it. Weird.

42. The Governator – March 30, 2009
35. David


43. The Governator – March 30, 2009
37. Catie

I believe the caption refers to having to chose sides with Spock or Kirk.

44. bgiles73 – March 30, 2009
Seeing as how thinking green will save the planet,I think this movie is definately environmentaly friendly. Go Green!!!

45. JML9999 – March 30, 2009
37. Catie What’s been leaked/revealed so far is that Old Spock conveys to Young Kirk Possibly during a mind Meld how to get under Spock’s Skin. So Young kirk provokes young spock into attacking him so Spock can be relieved of command thus prompting the McCoy Line

McCoy:So Now we have no Captain and No First officer to replace Him
Kirk: Yes we do.

leading to
Uhura:I Hope you know what you’re doing
Kirk:So do I

46. Anthony Pascale – March 30, 2009

47. Anthony Pascale – March 30, 2009
and yes that is Spock not Sarek, the caption is correct

48. WhatInBlueBlazes?! – March 30, 2009

Same here — green was a favorite of mine long before I understood why Pike, Archer, and now Kirk all share my favorite color. Now, I feel vindicated.

49. Krik Semaj – March 30, 2009
The “Jellyfish” looks like the Queensryche symbol.

50. WhatInBlueBlazes?! – March 30, 2009

I have to say, the face on the Rifftrax advertisement in that image was very funny in the context of pointing out that spoiler tag.

51. boomer13 – March 30, 2009
These haters of this film are giving me a headache…they could power windmills with their hot air for centuries.

52. Daoud – March 30, 2009
Hmm, good thing Spock doesn’t go back too far, lest someone claim he fathers his father, Sarek. Then he’d be singing “I Am Not Spock’s Grandfather” or something to the tune of “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins”.

53. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar – March 30, 2009
spock and spock very cool hope he tells his younger self to remind Kirk not to hang out with a certain bald captain who sips and can’t throw a punch to save his life

54. Poizen_Prince – March 30, 2009
“Young Spock pilots a stolen ship”

So, Young Spock is aboard what appears to be the ‘Jellyfish’ (judging from the lighting & colour-scheme)…

And it’s stolen. Well, it’s unlikely that Old Spock would have had to steal it from Geordi, so I’ m guessing it is Young Spock who’s stolen it from Old Spock…

And we see in the 1st(?) theatrical trailer that the Jellyfish eventually makes a suicide run on the Narada…

Hmm… What’s the odds that Young Spock steals Old Spock’s ship for the purpose of timetravelling back to before the attack on Vulcan (& possibly even the Kelvin) and destroying the Narada (or at least weakening it enough that either the Enterprise or Kelvin can take it out) by ramming it?

Thus, Young Spock making an heroic sacrifice is the big reset button for this move…

If so; that’s sooooooo emo!

55. Poizen_Prince – March 30, 2009
@ 54. Poizen_Prince (me) – March 30, 2009

Also, if that is so,…

…I just ruined the end of the movie for everyone.



  • runs away*
56. Tak Kovacs – March 30, 2009
31. – maybe old Spock will reprimand young Spock and help him get his act together. 🙂

57. Adam E – March 30, 2009
Can anyone tell who the photo on the dresser behind the Orion girl?

58. John Whorfin – March 30, 2009
37 Catie: piques — not peaks 😉

59. NaradaAlpha – March 30, 2009
look at tge image of the card with the Orion chick…me senses potential Star Trek bedroom furniture sets and lamps and lingerie in the works xD

60. NaradaAlpha – March 30, 2009
—sorry, ‘the’

61. The Original Spock’s Brain – March 30, 2009
40. Bren – March 30, 2009
“Spoiler tags for the Spock Meets Spock moment would have been nice!”

Anthony wrote: “[SPOILERS BELOW]”; you were warned.

62. NaradaAlpha – March 30, 2009
#57–thats kirk and uhura in the pic on the dresser

63. Aaron – March 30, 2009
Orion girl a bit big for my taste…but oh well.

64. C.S. Lewis – March 30, 2009
Regarding Green Orion Slave Girls:

Star Trek’s women love interests were feminine, seductive and respectable without aping common prostitutes or simple tramps as is so often the seen in today’s adolescent character development. Vina/Susan Oliver’s Slave Girl was erotic precisely because of her forbidden, yet femininely aggressive power over Pike; she did not throw herself at him – she worked to seduce him despite his enormous self-control and discipline! (She would have succeeded, given another few seconds, thus the incredible drama of that scene.)

I wish but doubt this movie restores this higher level of human sexuality to Star Trek, since TPTB decided to include sex as a key selling point. We really do not need another teenage sex-fantasy movie where too many of our girls get the idea they are nothing but compliant sexbots for the boys, and the boys grow up treating them that way.

C.S. Lewis

65. The Governator – March 30, 2009
54. Poizen_Prince

Interesting, but probably not totally accurate. Good theory though. Can’t wait to see how the film plays this out and puts all our bits and pieces together. And I agree, that is probably the Jellyfish Spock is piloting in that pic.

66. The Original Spock’s Brain – March 30, 2009
41. Superboy – March 30, 2009
“Uhm, the Transamerica building is TOTALY out of place in that picture. I work at the Trader Joe’s near there and geographicly Starfleet Acadamy would be somewhere in downtown near Chinatown or Union Square. It looks somewhat out of place – like they dropped it in there just to reference San Francisco. Plus there are no hills – McCoy would be looking down – not forward. I guess there is a major earthquake in the future that clears downtown on a 1906 scaleand they build starfleet over it. Weird.”

Maybe it was rebuilt after WW3….

67. WhatInBlueBlazes?! – March 30, 2009

Haven’t all the Orion women we’ve seen been roughly the same size and build, anyway? At least as far as I recall, all of them have had feminine curves to them. Not sticks, as one of the posters above mentioned.

68. Ensign Ruiter – March 30, 2009
Suzie Plakson is hot in all things Trek. Sorry this is a random thought. But damn!

Nero shops at Old Navy?

I like how Keenser’s shades have extra-long stems to avoid seeming as just another pair of cheap sunglasses.

Guys, this movie is almost hear–I declare we made it. Everyone who has doggedly visited this site for the last year and a half, please give yourself a pat on the back–it is time for catharsis, ladies and gentlemen. We made it.

69. WhatInBlueBlazes?! – March 30, 2009
Just to follow up on my statement, I’d hardly call her ‘big’ by any stretch of the imagination.

70. Ensign Ruiter – March 30, 2009
uh, “here.”

71. screaming satellite – March 30, 2009
man its getting harder and harder to resist looking at spoilers…the lead up to May 8 is gonna be SO hard…

72. 750 Mang – March 30, 2009
46. Anthony Pascale – March 30, 2009


LOL! pwned.

Remember the Farragut!

73. KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – March 30, 2009
#49 – YEA!!! Love it!


74. SaphronGirl – March 30, 2009

//Haven’t all the Orion women we’ve seen been roughly the same size and build, anyway? At least as far as I recall, all of them have had feminine curves to them. Not sticks, as one of the posters above mentioned.//

Exactly. They remind me of a Frank Frazetta girl:

75. Negotiator – March 30, 2009
These are way cool.

76. DaveyNY – March 30, 2009
# 39 nope… It’s Diora Baird… see here…

77. The Governator – March 30, 2009
And I must say, that although some people continuously complain about the production design, and I suppose to some degree it deserves it, to the credit of the production designer, they didn’t do such a bad job on everything. Many, many things do look quite good (I have liked the bridge from day one, but that’s another subject that has been through enough debate already). The pipe room is different and I suppose is rightfully alarming, but there is some good stuff they’ve done here. For example, the crew quarters are very cool and very reminiscent of the quarters from the original series and movies.

78. DJT – March 30, 2009
The more I see of this movie, the less I can wait for it to come out. With the exception of the “Scotty and Kirk Go to Raging Waters” scene that recently became public, everything else looks promising.

Bring it on.

79. The Governator – March 30, 2009
68. Ensign Ruiter

I wish I could agree with you, but the following 37 days are going to seem really, really long. Still, considering I’ve been waiting for two years, I will give myself a pat on the back anyway. :-]

80. Mikey M – March 30, 2009
I am getting excited. The movie looks great. Hope they pull it off.
What was Paramount thinking with the big grey Enterprise glob in the poster.
I could have even done that in Photoshop. Give us something other than a blur.

81. Star Trek: What’s That In Her Ear? « Weather Station 1 – March 30, 2009
[…] also groaned about it on the Starbase 66 podcast. Now a new image, one of several released via today, shows the shining silver buttplug in all its […]

82. DaveyNY – March 30, 2009
Best comparison pic of Doria Baird and Orion Slave Girl Card…

83. boborci – March 30, 2009
We’re giving everything away, it seems – might as well just stream the movie online already!

84. Christine – March 30, 2009

All these guys are going ga-ga over the green Orion gal.

But I LOVE the cards.

85. spockatatic – March 30, 2009
I cannot wait. The more I see Zachary Quinto as Spock, the better he seems for the part. And Pine just has that “Kirk arrogance” to him that makes him perfect. I’m not so sure about the others, but, holy, Chekov is so adorable, like a little puppy. LOL, like the wet-behind-the-ears cadet he is.
Wait a second. In TOS, Chekov’s 22, and Kirk’s about thirty. This is like, 5-10 years before Kirk takes command, so…
Chekov’s 12?

86. SaphronGirl – March 30, 2009

HOLYCRAP. And I thought *my* melons were big. O_o

87. moauvian moaul – March 30, 2009
I believe I once read it was Roddenberry himself who when asked mentioned the name April as the first captain of the Enterprise since the ship was already 20 years old when Kirk captained her and Pike wasn’t in command all that time. And wouldn’t that make it canon? I believe I read that in the chronology some years back. Anyone else recall a similar story?

88. Pragmaticus – March 30, 2009
63 – You clearly have no taste then.

89. sean – March 30, 2009

The Orion girls in this movie are played by Diora Baird and Rachel Nichols – neither of which, in any universe, could be considered ‘big’.

90. sean – March 30, 2009

He mentioned it, it was in one of the Chronology books. However, if it isn’t on screen it isn’t canon.

91. 750 Mang – March 30, 2009
82. boborci – March 30, 2009

“We’re giving everything away, it seems – might as well just stream the movie online already!”

Agreed. I’m ready.


92. SaphronGirl – March 30, 2009
//Try to guess James T. Kirk’s favorite color//

The K/S shipper inside me cackled with glee. 😉 Green’s a very attractive color indeed.

93. RTC – March 30, 2009
#81 boborci, just thought you’d like to know that I did the VIP tour at Universal Studios Hollywood today and took a photo of your reserved parking spot. You’ll be relieved to know that the tour guide offered no Trek spoilers (but then, he doesn’t work for Paramount….) 😉

94. cpelc – March 30, 2009
81 – Boborci

Bob would you happen to know the music from the latest tv commercial? Not the Kid-Friendly one, but the “Forget Everything You Know” one?

95. SChaos1701 – March 30, 2009
I still think this film should be premiered on the ISS. Who do I get ahold of in order to bring up this idea?

96. Captain Roy Mustang – March 30, 2009
Need to see it, Im getting exciting

97. Catie – March 30, 2009
#81 Mr. Orci,
I like that idea!

98. Chris Basken – March 30, 2009
28: “Robert T. April was the first captain of the NCC-1700 USS Constitution. It was only renamed Enterprise originally due to one George S. Kirk, its original first officer.”

So close, yet so far.

The novel in question was Final Frontier, not to be confused with the 5th Trek movie (which it predated).

The ship we know to become the Enterprise was actually the prototype for the entire Constitution class. It was a secret project initially, overseen by Captain Robert April. George Kirk was Chief of Security at a nearby starbase and due to storyline events found himself on board the unnamed and unmarked test starship, functioning as an unofficial XO (no one was official on the ship at the time).

At the end of the novel, Kirk recommends to April that the ship be named Enterprise, as it represented a whole new “business” to the Federation. April agreed, and bumped the ship from 1700 to 1701 so that the next ship built could be given the 1700 number and be called Constitution in order to be the official class ship.

It was also hinted that, as a prototype, the Enterprise was somewhat “overbuilt,” and that the later Connies were more streamlined and in many ways more efficient. But the “overbuilding” of the Enterprise made it a unique ship with its own quirks and characteristics, as well as uncommon durability and raw power.

Fun novel, even if it’s entirely non-canonical.

99. section9 – March 30, 2009

What’s the Transamerica Building doing south of the Presidio?

They just dropped it in to say “Hey, this is San Francisco!”

Why didn’t JJ just plop Alioto’s in and have a bunch of gay men run around in the background with Rainbow flags, for Christ’s sake?

Where the frak is Joe Montana Memorial Stadium? The Neo-Cow Palace? The Statues to Hendrix and Joplin? The Harvey Milk Radio Tower in the Castro District? How could JJ forget Bobby Bonds Field (known affectionately to the locals as “Steroid Stadium”)?

What are frakking Palm Trees doing in the Bay Area? Did JJ import them from Bel Air or something? Is that what an Angelino thinks SFO looks like in the 23rd Century?

Where’s the Monster Reefer that was grown near Coit Tower? After Colonel Green’s war, when they finally decriminalized pot, the entire town got together and rolled a hundred and fifty foot doobie to celebrate the fall of Colonel Green and the foundation of the United Earth Government. The whole town gets as high as Mount Everest every Federation Day. Starfleet has to confine the Cadets to Barracks.

People in Oakland still have to pay toll to use the Bay Bridge to get to San Francisco. There is still massive crime in Oakland. There have been no buildings built in Oakland since 1956, and the city is run by an audioanimatronic Jerry Brown. It’s a huge problem for the Federation and an eyesore for the United Earth Government. However, the Raiders routinely come to Montana Memorial and wipe the floor with the 49′ers year after year.

Oakland people resent having to pay to use the public transporter system to get to SFO. As a result, San Francisco people who get lost in Oakland have been known to have been flayed and skinned alive for having had the temerity to cross into Oakland for free. Vulcans avoid Oakland. On the other hand, the visiting Klingon diplomatic legation parties in Oakland constantly.

100. I want to beleive – March 30, 2009
Definately Sarek NOT Spock.

101. SciFiMetalGirl – March 30, 2009
Capt. Robert April was one of the original names that was considered for the lead character of “Star Trek” when it was first being created by Gene Roddenberry, along with Capt. Christopher Pike. Pike was in the original pilot, played by Jeffrey Hunter, but replaced by William Shatner and renamed James Kirk in the second pilot. TAS was simply acknowledging the history that was already established and documented in the show’s early beginings by using Capt. Robert April as the captain of the Enterprise before Pike. So IMO April, while never actually mentioned in TOS, should still be considered canon.

Re: The Making of Star Trek by Stephen E. Whitfield and Gene Roddenberry (Paperback – 1973)

102. Trekphobic – March 30, 2009
I LOVE the new poster!

And dude, everyone knows what the Enterprise looks like. Plus, it says “Star Trek” on it.

103. RAMA – March 30, 2009
Cool!! Nice shots. Nice aliens!

104. They’re everywhere… – March 30, 2009
OMG! More PIPES!!!


105. jimjones – March 30, 2009

“What are frakking Palm Trees doing in the Bay Area? Did JJ import them from Bel Air or something? Is that what an Angelino thinks SFO looks like in the 23rd Century?”

Global warming. Duh.

106. section9 – March 30, 2009
Global warming. Duh.


A problem which we are supposed to have solved by then. Duh.

107. Jefferies Tuber – March 30, 2009
96/97: Great posts.

The other book in that series is BEST DESTINY is perhaps even more of an influence on this movie, it being about April, Kirk Sr and James T. on a long-range shuttle attacked by pirates hiding in a nebula [er somethin]. James is petulant and resentful of his dad’s career, but the experience takes everyone to their human limits and James’ heroism emerges. The novel is meant to depict the events that let a misdirected young man turn his life around and become Captain Kirk.

BEST DESTINY is one of the more violent and scary of the Trek books. ‘Scary’ in its depiction of space and the shitty things that can happen when you aren’t destroyed or killed in a neat explosion. The “danger and disease wrapped in darkness and silence” line feels like it comes straight from BEST DESTINY.

Clearly they’re proposing that San Francisco has been destroyed and rebuilt, as it has several times as of 2009. Hopefully the San Jose area was destroyed, too.

And what’s to say that moving or transporting a skyscraper is impossible in the 23rd Century? By this time, the Transamerica building would be something like a European cathedral.

I hope San Francisco still has all those beautiful women with no make-up.

108. The Governator – March 30, 2009
99. section 9

Relax, man. I imagine San Francisco will undergo many major overhauls over the next 200 years. Just imagine how much has changed since the 70’s. The world is a different place. And palm trees, well, I guess they will be in greater abundance in the 23rd century. Who knows.

109. Enc – March 30, 2009
does Keenser look like the aliens from the argo mission to get b4 in NEM?

i caught that too
its called an alt universe. JJ/orci can make up anything they want. so they claim that canon is seperate.

31 i c ur kidin
but i prefer th erigid salute. and am put off by that pic. however i rec that this could be a still takenb at thwrong time. and the scene will have the rigid salur as it should be. blame the ad people et al.

41 youre not alone
Starfleet also aint in the city center as one might get if they look at picks thus far. its located closer to the south end of the golden gate bridge. watch TMP TVH. JJ seems to be moving closer to the city and the city buildings closer to the bridge. and the acaemy is suppost to be on the north end of the golden gate.

110. Butters – March 30, 2009
35: That’s immediately what I thought. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it is the same type of alien.

111. Enc – March 30, 2009
without breaking ou the dvd or any one yet posting a comparison pic.
iirc this alien is shorter the the NEM ones.

112. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar – March 30, 2009
Hey Young me tell your buddy jim to bring a parachute or a grappling hook should a friendly future Captain come a calling to help knock out the Clockwork Orange guy

113. cpelc – March 30, 2009
The pic on the simulatior just screams the line

“Dammit Jim I’m a Doctor, not a helmsman!”

114. The Original Spock’s Brain – March 30, 2009
98. Chris Basken – March 30, 2009

Thanks for the synopsis.

115. JRBinDFW – March 30, 2009
i agree, even the same type of goggles from nemesis….

116. Liz – March 30, 2009
“31. Check the Circuit – March 30, 2009
Young Spock’s Vulcan salute is completely wrong! Look at the angle of his pincky and ring fingers. It’s at least off by 6 1/2 degrees! And it’s obviously a very relaxed salute. Every real Star Trek fan knows the gesture is supposed to be rigid to reflect the nature of their culture. Quinto and Abrams clearly don’t get it. I’m sorry, I was sitting the fence before but now I know for sure…I’m boycotting this movie.


HA HA! At first I thought you were serious and was going to blast you. Glad to see the smile…! Poor Quinto. Didn’t he wear rubber bands trying to get that right?

117. The Original Spock’s Brain – March 30, 2009
“Pipes and pipes! What is pipes?”

118. Dennis Bailey – March 30, 2009
April’s not canon and, apparently, finally disposed of.

119. The Governator – March 30, 2009
35, 110

Those aliens, although they looked similar, were much larger and paler in skin tone. This alien seems to have a greenish tent. Also, their heads did not pull back so far and many of the facial details are different, including the nose. Remember, this is J.J. Trek, not Nemesis, and J.J. hadn’t seen Nemesis when production started.

120. fred – March 30, 2009
I really do buy Quinto as young Spock in that shot with Sarek. Wow, he’s a dead ringer!

And I’m loving that green orion girl, one of the better ones since the first and best!

121. Enc – March 30, 2009
talkin first impression
also it might be JJ to aprove the look. but it is also the person who made/designed it in the first place.

122. Shatterhand – March 30, 2009

Interesting theory, but it makes no sense. Why have younger Spock make the suicide run for the Narada? Couldn’t Older Spock do it just as easily? Hell, he wouldn’t have to involve any of the Enterprise crew; he could just calculate the Jellyfish to travel back to the point where the Narada faces the Kelvin, determine the ship’s weak point, and RAMMING SPEED! BOOM! Big explosion, Robau says “WTF was that?”, baby Jim Kirk is born, and the universe unfolds as it should.

My bet is that Spock steals the Jellyfish in an attempt to save Captain Pike, due to an event that I won’t reveal because it’s a spoiler. How he manages to get his hands on it is a good question, but I suppose we’ll have to wait until premiere day to find out about that.

123. The Governator – March 30, 2009
117. Dennis Bailey

April’s not canon? Good. I guess we can skip it then. That only leaves 9 days to go! Yipeeee!!!!!

124. T Drake – March 30, 2009
actually starting to get into it…

125. T Drake – March 30, 2009
PS- the Orion has NOTHING on Valerie Bertenelli!!

126. Ralph F – March 30, 2009
No, no, no; it’s not called The Jellyfish or anything like that. The official name is the USS SPOCK’S TIME SHIP ™. I thought we established that six months ago.

I would still pay top dollar for a polo shirt with that embroidered on it.

127. TrekMadeMeWonder – March 30, 2009
The slave girl looks pretty poor and way fanish.

And what’s up with some of the captions. The Kelvin Bridge redress for the Kobyashi text? Not really relevant, and it cheapens the big show a bit.

128. Daoud – March 30, 2009
#98 Exactly… So, since we watch George Kirk die prematurely, he can’t be there to insist Constitution’s a lousy name. Ergo, Pike’s Enterprise is a different ship from April’s.

  1. 118 I’m sure the great O&K will simply have fun in the sequel and refer to a Fleet Captain April and the USS Constitution in some manner. And just for grins, they can throw in Captain Garrovick and the USS Exeter. Maybe we can see a retelling of a cross between the Doomdsay Machine and The Ultimate Computer… yep. Let’s fry the Exeter! Woo hoo!
129. Ryan – March 30, 2009
#127 Starships had common bridge designs so it would make sense that the simulator bridge would look like the Kelvin’s bridge.

130. BK613 – March 30, 2009
An alien walks into a bar…

…the Vulcan ducks.

131. The Original Spock’s Brain – March 30, 2009
127. TrekMadeMeWonder – March 30, 2009
“And what’s up with some of the captions. The Kelvin Bridge redress for the Kobyashi text? Not really relevant, and it cheapens the big show a bit.”

The text immediately below the scans is the official caption. The text in parenthesis is’s informed commentary.

Pay attention in class.

132. Daoud – March 30, 2009
#127, 129 When Saavik tests for the Kobayashi Maru, her bridge simulator looks exactly like the contemporaneous USS Enterprise. So, another reason it makes sense. I don’t think Kirk is ON the Kobayashi Maru. The point of the mission is to attempt to rescue a ship (the KM) that can’t be rescued (by the Starfleet vessel, any current class, such as Kelvin).

133. Jefferies Tuber – March 30, 2009
Everyone’s getting a little punchy on these boards. It’s like the 9th month of pregnancy.

134. Shatner_Fan_Prime – March 30, 2009
Aaarrrggghhh!!! Too many spoilers starting to appear now! Must ween myself off site! 🙂

135. Jefferies Tuber – March 30, 2009
I think the Jellyfish aka Spock’s Time Ship should be renamed the Queensryche.

136. mgoodr00 – March 30, 2009
I wonder if Nero knows that Wrestlemania 25 is this weekend

That green skinned alien is really ugly … sorry

137. DGill – March 30, 2009
The “Keenser” alien looks very much like a Kolarin, complete with the goggles. For all we know, Keenser could very well be a Kolarin!

138. The Governator – March 30, 2009

Perhaps you should see her without the green.

139. Enc – March 30, 2009
LOL good luck w/ that

the thing is people will complain that in NEM they were at society about the same tech as us now. But in the TOS era (pre) they would be us some 200 years ago. it would look like firist contact rules have changed a bit under that thinking. unless they pulla tng:first contact ep and hes the only one of his kind off-world.

140. Chingatchkook – March 30, 2009
83. boborci –

We’re giving everything away, it seems – might as well just stream the movie online already!
Well, I wasn’t going to say anything…..but now that you bring it up…..ohpleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!!!

Seriously though, I find myself skimming over these articles more as we get closer to d-day. I definitely want to see a few surprises rather than reading about them all here at trekmovie. Obviously Mr Pascale is doing too good a job!

141. Shunnabunich – March 30, 2009
I can’t shake the feeling that the Orion woman just looks like a human with green paint on — the lips probably aren’t helping. Considering the context, though, I’m pretty sure none of us will notice when the time comes. 🙂

142. Will_H – March 30, 2009
The Starfleet Academy screen shot looks like it was taken from another angle from one of the first leaked shots. And with all they’ve updated, Im disapointed to see that they left Uhura’s ear thing the same. Hoshi’s from Enterprise was smaller than that and it’s a century older. I guess they just left it there to be recognizable for fans, but I still say its stupid.

143. magnumpc – March 30, 2009
Re: Kirk’s favorite color:

To paraphrase Michael Douglas’ Gordon Gekko, “Green is good.” 🙂

144. Captain Cohen – March 30, 2009

“The Vulcan ducks” nice line .. but ..

What do they do, waddle in on their little pointed green webbbed feet?

145. Captain Cohen – March 30, 2009
oops – soorry that should have reference 130 with the ducks ..

by the way .. earlier people were saying with reference to all the plumbing .. we never see a toilet on Trek ..

Check “The Undiscovered Country” where Kirk pushes a button to bring out the toilet seat from the wall when he, Spock & McCoy have been put in the brig by Sybok .. ST/TUC.

I think if memory serves there’s even a little sign about not using it in Spacedock..

146. RetroWarbird – March 30, 2009
Scarlett from G.I. Joe as an Orion study buddy … aim high, young Kirk …

Nice to see the decidedly “Romulan” tailoring on Nero’s jacket – you don’t see those squared shoulders anywhere else in the galaxy except 1980’s Earth!

I take it Spock’s not a fan of Kirk cheating on the Kobayashi Maru. It’s gonna be a kick in the pants when they commend and possibly promote him for it instead of punishing him (although maybe they consider that to be punishment for JTK)

147. Rainbucket – March 30, 2009
I’m very upbeat on the movie but agree with #141, the pink lips make the Orion look like a painted human. Our past Orions had dark green or black lips, even in TAS.

Then again maybe she’s wearing pink lipstick.

148. Reynaldo Garza III – March 30, 2009
Actually, Capt Robert April being the 1st captain of the Enterprise IS canon. Gene Roddenberry HIMSELF said so. Robert April was based on one of his friends and fellow police officers. There are photos of Roddenberry in Starfleet uniform with him being listed as “Capt. Robert April, Captain, USS Enterprise, NCC-1701″

149. JohnWA – March 30, 2009
#41 et al. –

I don’t think casual movie audiences care whether the Transamerica Pyramid is on the right street or not. As with the Golden Gate Bridge, it is only there (as a prop) to establish that we’re looking at San Francisco. Not everyone who watches this movie will be familiar with Star Trek lore.

Besides, if you got your knowledge only from movies, you’d probably think the Strip was the only street in Las Vegas. Or that Washington doesn’t extend beyond Capitol Hill and the Mall. Because Hollywood movies are distributed around the world, directors need to have location shots that are instantly recognizable to everybody. Ahmed in Cairo and Mei-Mei in Shanghai has to be able to process what they’re looking at. And geographically accurate renderings of “Trader Joe’s on 10th Avenue” isn’t going to cut it.

150. Devon – March 30, 2009
#148 – “Actually, Capt Robert April being the 1st captain of the Enterprise IS canon. Gene Roddenberry HIMSELF said so”

It’s only canon if you go by the theory “What Gene says is canon.” In that case, a good deal of TOS and the movies aren’t canon either. So what now?

151. Paulaner – March 31, 2009
Wonderful pictures

152. Jörg – March 31, 2009
Mhh, my first reaction when seeing Keenser was also – a Kolaran!

153. Paulaner – March 31, 2009
#148 “There are photos of Roddenberry in Starfleet uniform with him being listed as “Capt. Robert April, Captain, USS Enterprise, NCC-1701″”

Now, this is lame 😉

154. Trevor John – March 31, 2009
It’s hilarious that the ground and palm trees at Starfleet Academy are actually the main promenade in front of the library at Cal State University Northridge in Los Angeles, where a lot of movies and TV shows are filmed (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sky High School, etc). I went to college there, and it always weirds me out when I see it in movies, especially with fake background imagery like in this film, where a 23rd Century skyline was grafted into the shot.

So that explains the palm trees – it’s actually Los Angeles we’re looking at.

155. thorsten – March 31, 2009
Wow. These captions contain a fascinating amount of information….

156. thereare4lights – March 31, 2009
Picture 10: looks like Spock….in the 2002 Time Machine.

157. Mark – March 31, 2009
Nero looks a bit like Nosferatu… don’t you think so too?

158. rumpcuz – March 31, 2009
#5 you are fat as well? 🙂

159. Me – March 31, 2009
That Orion is juicy as hell. We’ve had palm trees along the Embarcadero in SF for several years now.

160. Admiral – March 31, 2009

Captain Cohen said :

by the way .. earlier people were saying with reference to all the plumbing .. we never see a toilet on Trek ..

Check “The Undiscovered Country” where Kirk pushes a button to bring out the toilet seat from the wall when he, Spock & McCoy have been put in the brig by Sybok

Actualy, it’s in STAR TREK : The Final Frontier. 🙂

Keep trecking!

161. Holger – March 31, 2009
Great pictures! I particularly like the Transamerica Pyramid and the two Spocks.

162. OldTrekFart – March 31, 2009

Wow, are you that threatened by a woman who doesn’t look like a 10 year old boy with silicon bumps that you have to attack someone who appreciates a woman who actually looks feminine?


163. Just Wonderin’ – March 31, 2009
Damn, that Orion cadet is thick.

164. fizzben – March 31, 2009
#148 Only because Gene Roddenberry said so doesn’t not make it canon. It was never mentioned on the series or any movies so therefore is open to interpretation. It’s mentioned in some novels but they are not usually included in canon. We know for certain Pike was captain anything before that is wide open. In Star Trek 3 the admiral said the Enterprise is over 20 years old, which btw is an obsurd age to retire a starship considering we use aircraft carriers for 50 years or so today, but would put the time line in check for a 5 year mission for Pike and the rest for Kirk and Spock. Anyway, I wouldn’t get your panties in a ruffle over something as trivial as that, it’s really not important.

165. crazydaystrom – March 31, 2009
#83- boborci,
“We’re giving everything away…”

I trust you guys have a few tasty surprises and revelations in store for us. Hopefully more than a few.

God! We’re excited!


166. Tom Welling For Superman – March 31, 2009
Does anyone think that Old Spock will no that Old Kirk died in Generations? And do you think that Old Spock thinks that he might change the entire timeline by going back in time?

167. T’Cal – March 31, 2009
I always thought Quinto looked quite a bit like Nimoy’s Spock in general, but the shot with him saluting his future self clinches it for me. Wow.

168. Shatner_Fan_Prime – March 31, 2009
#166 … It won’t be acknowledged in this movie, but yes, I’m certain Spock knows Kirk died on Veridian III. He’d have to know.

169. harley3k – March 31, 2009

170. TrekTwenty – March 31, 2009
People seem to forget about WW3 which still happened in the Trek universe in…2063? Which could have completely devastated huge parts of San Francisco…so we can’t really be surprised that things aren’t in the same place that they are now 200 some years from now.

171. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator – March 31, 2009
I couldn’t believe that the Orion picture was actually from the movie; the makeup looked so fake, I assumed it was a fan picture or something.

For those who are saying she’s fat/heavy/thick/juicy/larger than normal, she’s not really – it’s her hilariously oversized mammary glands (and the unflattering pose) which make her look heavier than she actually is.

172. Marian Ciobanu – March 31, 2009
– That green lady seems to be a little too fat…so i’m pretty sure of one thing : she’s not a vegetarian …

173. sean – March 31, 2009

That girl IS. NOT. FAT. You are out of your ever-loving mind if you think she is. Do you watch reruns of Ally McBeal and ponder how much better the show would have been if only she’d lost a few pounds? You either need a shrink or a good optometrist.

I’ve known waaay too many girls with Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Anorexia due to careless comments like that.

174. Marian Ciobanu – March 31, 2009
– Ham….!!!

175. sean – March 31, 2009

That Vegetarians are skinny by default is a commonly held but erroneous preconception. Just because you don’t eat meat doesn’t mean you don’t eat fat. I’ve seen plenty of Vegetarians with variable body sizes.

176. Frederick – March 31, 2009
For anyone who thinks that orion slave women shouldn’t have pink lips, check out the original, in this pic I have posted on my blog:

I love the curves on the new girl! Looks good and healthy, not anorexic.

177. Frederick – March 31, 2009
And I slipped and said “slave” women, I meant simply green orion women. The slave slipped out based on the original.

As far as her makeup looking fake, that can’t be said unless you see areas where the makeup has worn off. I see none, she looks as natural as a green woman can to our eyes.

She’s all good.

178. Frederick – March 31, 2009
And, and, I like Uhura’s earpiece, it’s so very much like the original. I totally discount ANYTHING seen on Enterprise.

179. krikzil – March 31, 2009
“That girl IS. NOT. FAT. You are out of your ever-loving mind if you think she is. Do you watch reruns of Ally McBeal and ponder how much better the show would have been if only she’d lost a few pounds?”

Sadly, a lot of men and women DO believe normal weight is “fat” now thanks to all the skeletal actresses and models out there. And just look at the magazines and entertainment shows. God forbid an actress or singer gains a pound or takes a bad angled photo.

180. Chris Basken – March 31, 2009
re: Fat Green Slave Women…

She’s not fat. But something about the photograph makes her head look… undersized. It’s probably just a combination of lighting, her hair, and the angle. So people tend to compensate, since head sizes are pretty consistent (when you consider sex differences — men have slightly larger heads than women). Compensating for what appears to be a small head means you inflate the body. So either she’s a little overweight or she’s 7 feet tall.

Wait until you see her in action in the movie. I’m sure you won’t be thinking “ew, fattie!” then. 😉

181. Clay “Why-oh-why-can’t-we-have-red-nacelle-caps” Farrow – March 31, 2009
164: With regards to the age of Enterprise (20 years old), agreed.

This especially makes sense when you remember that all of the spacecraft in our our CURRENT fleet (the shuttles) are over 20 years old, and compared to spacecraft built to travel interstellar distances, shuttles are made of little more than tinfoil, acoustical tile and good intensions.

I would imagine that when/if we truly do have “starships,” they’ll be maintained in a fashion similar to our current naval ships AND our current spacecraft: upgrade/refit the guts as necessary, but keep the basic hull intact.

Not too far off from what was done to the Big E in the 18 months prior to TMP…

182. JWM – March 31, 2009
Too cool. So stoked for this movie. Must see it opening weekend now.

183. Jorg Sacul – March 31, 2009
I *like* the Orion girl! She’s exciting!! 🙂

Calling her fat? hahaha.. that means Marilyn Monroe was a complete PIG then. Just like the people calling Jessica Simpson fat. Oh, give her to me, I’d burn the calories off her.

What are ye, a bunch of Lohan fans? 😉

184. Sterne – March 31, 2009

How can you NOT like the poster? It looks like the Enterprise going at Warp from a really super artsy perspective. I think it looks amazing


You’re 100% right, but regardless I think for the “general audience” it will make them curious as to what the hell it is. Which may or may not be better than just the plain old enterprise.

185. Robnhud – March 31, 2009
That’s not “Older Spock” Quinto is talking to… it’s Sarek.

186. Tony From Canada – March 31, 2009
Palm Trees, the TransAmerica building??? Who cares…. It’s the 23rd century, and I think looking at a Romulan 200 years from now may be a bit more of a life changing experience.

Mind you, I’d rather look at that very well put together O-Girl….and how about Uhura???

If the previews are as good as the movie, this will be what the new Batman movies have done for that franchise.

187. Frederick – March 31, 2009
I wonder if we’ll see the split between Spock and Sarek that happened when he joined Starfleet, that kept them from speaking for so many years?

188. Tripper – March 31, 2009
I wonder about that being Old Spock with Young Spock. When they originally previewed the 20 minutes of clips, several sites stated that Spock tells Kirk that he cannot meet his younger self.

And the earlier preview reports could have had it wrong.

189. Closettrekker – March 31, 2009
#8—-”I thought Robert April, not Pike, was the original Captain of NCC-1701?

I hope the movie explains this fallacy.”

No need to—”The Counter-Clock Incident” is a TAS story, and (unlike “Yesteryear”) one never validated by reference in live action Trek.

Robert April is not a ‘canon’ figure. There is no “fallacy”.

190. Chadwick – March 31, 2009
I love the poster, black and white very simple yet complex, I will probably end up buying it when its on ebay. Its by far the best movie poster since First Contact or Undiscovered Country! The new photos are cool, the young Spock and old Spock and the San Francisco scenes are cool

191. Closettrekker – March 31, 2009
#164—”In Star Trek 3 the admiral said the Enterprise is over 20 years old.”

Actually, he said that the Enterprise *is* 20 years old (which in itself is contradictory to “The Menagerie”), and both Nimoy and Bennett have made clear that this was quite intentional on their part.

“…which btw is an obsurd age to retire a starship…”

If that is the only reason—yes. But consider the incredible amount of damage inflicted upon her by Khan. The resources necessary to refit her once again would have to be a consideration as well, in addition to her age. In fact, it may have been more efficient to build another ship altogether, rather than expend resources on repairing one that is 20 years old.

192. ucdom – March 31, 2009
Just a thought on the ‘fat’ comments….

Is is possible that the original poster meant to use youthful slang, and should have written ‘phat’ ?
Anyway, I think she looks like Kerry Katona – for those who don’t know, she’s a vapid bint you’d expect to find tottering around Essex in white high heels smoking a fag and pushing a pram.

Now, that San Francisco view. In an earlier thread, I noted that the building which looks like the top of a Dalek is located (as far as I can tell) near the corner of Edie and Girard Roads, off Marina Boulevard. In the picture above, McCoy is looking due south, which puts the Transamerica Pyramid somewhere around Presidio Boulevard.

I have to admit, this is quite disappointing (and I know it doesn’t really MATTER), it’s just that the view we saw in the trailers seemed to respect the street layout nicely.
I still think we should hear from the artists responsible for updating SF.

193. ClassicTrek – March 31, 2009
This movie looks awesome but that USA poster sucks


194. 1701 over Gotham City – March 31, 2009
Rittenhouse always does an excellent product. I should know… I’ve been an artist for them for 2 years now 🙂
Istopped buying movie cards years ago, but these I’ll need to have

195. thereare4lights – March 31, 2009
God dammit, I’d hit that Orion bitch hard.

196. Kirk – March 31, 2009
I really think that Scotty’s buddy Keenser is actually Jem’Hadar form of midget 😀


197. Beck – March 31, 2009
Obvious troll is obvious.

Also, I quite adore the movie poster…

198. Ryan – March 31, 2009
I love the KM simulator pic with Kirk smirking and leaning back.

Bones – Captain there are are three Klingon battle cruisers approaching!

Kirk – That sounds like an instrumentation error, check again.

Bones – Umm…

Kirk – Go on, check it.

Bones – There are three little kittens now approaching. This isn’t supposed to happen! What do we do now?

Kirk – Load photon torpedoes, full spread.

199. SpocksinnerConfict – March 31, 2009
There ARE palm trees in Sf. I see them everyday. They are especially prevalent near the Embarcadero and along the various wharfs and tourist piers..

I believe McCoy is standing somewhere between the Embarcadero and Fisherman wharf.

Scratch that, it looks like he’s across the street from the Ferry building.

Sans crazy future buildings, it doesn’t look all that different.

Maybe you all just haven’t been up here to Sf in a while, but…unfortunately it’s starting to look more and more like Southern CA up here in the Bay Area.

Jesus, there’s even palm trees in Oakland, at lake Merritt.

Palm trees in Santa Cruz, where i was born and raised.


200. Stan Winstone – March 31, 2009
Nero looks like he just sharted…

201. Jamie – March 31, 2009
I love these images. The movie looks amazing.

Hey, even if every Trek fan hates this film, I guarantee that kids will love it, and an appreciation of Trek will be passed on to a new generation.

202. ucdom – March 31, 2009
Okay, I’ve put together a little montage to show exactly where McCoy is standing on the San Francisco waterfront, in relation to what we’ve seen in the trailers.

You can very clearly see an aerial bridge in the background which is identical in both images. However, the TransAmerica Pyramid isn’t visible in the trailer shot. Why is it there? Was it moved? Was it rebuilt? Do we care?

203. Closettrekker – March 31, 2009
#14—” The “Yesteryear” episode of TAS was generally accepted as canon…”

The obvious difference between that and “The Counter-Clock Incident” is that elements of the former are repeatedly referenced (and legitimized) in live action Trek. The rest of TAS is no more “canon” than the novels and comics.

No reference to Robert April or a 2245 initial launch date for the Enterprise was ever made in 5 live action series and 10 previous films (the general standard for qualification of material as “canon”).

The ENT episode, “In A Mirror Darkly, Part II” nearly made such a reference to both elements—but did not.

204. Ian – March 31, 2009
I cannot believe people are calling her fat! Are you out of your mind? This is what happens when the freaks in Hollywood tell all the young girls they need to slim down and look like a walking stick. And the fact that men are beginning to view it the same is just sad. I personally think she looks great, because that is normal.

And are we really hitching about lip color on a fictional alien race? Lame!

205. Closettrekker – March 31, 2009
#204—-I think she is exceptional….far from “normal”.

206. Shatner_Fan_Prime – March 31, 2009
#205 … I’ll second that!

207. Shatner_Fan_Prime – March 31, 2009
To elaborate further on what I just said, that looks like something fit for Kirk … something he could really sink his teeth into. LOL! 🙂

208. BK613 – March 31, 2009
It’s an old argument but dialog in the Menagerie Part 1 and TWOK place the minimum age of the Enterprise’ at around 28 years, despite what some airhead bureaucrat with admiral’s stars says.

Because who are you going to believe, Kirk and Spock, or Admiral Morrow?

209. Ian – March 31, 2009

I would call her exceptional also. But it’s sad that normal body weight is considered “fat” or “thick” as some people here have stated.

I’d totally hit it! Haha

210. Omnibus – March 31, 2009
Robert April is absolutely Canon! Gene Roddenberry created him and USED him on TV outside TAS. He’s a prison chaplain in the “Have Gun will Travel” episodes Gene wrote. 😉

Just guesses that follow. I don’t consider them SPOILERS, but you might:

I guess Nero’s little time frolics forced the Enterprise to be built later than it was originally intended to be and on the ground too because the sky was no longer considered safe or something. (maybe the San Fran shipyards get it along with the Kelvin? Are the Iowa ship yards in honor of the hero George Kirk?). Whatever the real case is in the movie, April as first captain (be it canon or not) is now 100% out. The truth is April being out doesn’t affect Star Trek in the slightest. A lot of things like April can be changed safely by this movie. The only thing I would be upset with is if Vulcan ends up being/staying destroyed in the 23rd Century. That is the only possible time change I can think of that can make the entire movie a total waste. I just don’t believe that will happen.

211. barrydancer – March 31, 2009
Rachel Nichols fat! She’s so hot I sat through that entire crapfest of a movie P2 (on HBO)!

212. I Am Morg Not Eymorg – March 31, 2009
Re: The age of the Enterprise vis-a-vis Menagerie vs. Search for Spock?

Series trumps movies. Every time. Period.

213. Craptain Amerika – March 31, 2009
#68 – IMO, Suzie Plakson is one of the best female Trek actresses of all time. Don’t know if they ever considered her, but I think she should have played the captain on Voyager.